T minus 5 Days…and a Do-Over

2015 was rough, especially December.  January?  Really rough.  Let’s summarize…

December 25, my weak ankle gave out on some stairs and I re-injured the twice previously injured ligaments.  Three injuries in 15 months.  A boot was in order.

January 11, I fell from the top rung of a five foot tall ladder.  A set of metal shelves broke my fall.  You know, the kind that holds 200 pounds on each shelf.  Miraculously, I was able to dis-entangle myself from the ladder, get up, and go back into the house (I was in the garage.)  Once there, I realized I was hurt and needed medical attention.  A quick call to a friend and I was whisked to urgent care.  Somehow I managed to NOT get a concussion, but the lump on the back of my head was epic.  So were the bruises on my arm and legs.  And the cuts.  I’ve never had a head injury before.  It’s a little life changing.  At one point, both legs were all shades of a bruise from the knee down.  I had a huge bruise on my backside.  I kept my arm covered so as not to gross people out.  Ya, epic.

January 17, I woke up coughing.  Every cough hurt my already hurting head.  That cough turned into two weeks (and counting) of a nasty bug that really knocked me down.

February 1, I declared a Do-Over!  I am moving past all that crap.  The lump on my head is much smaller.  I am able to to do more without it hurting or burning.  My ankle is slowly healing.  I’m still coughing, but I feel like I can re-enter the human race again (slowly…)

I turn 50 on Saturday.  It’s time to begin the next phase.  Injury free.  Healthy.

Fifty! Set! GO!

Photo Jan 12, 5 53 39 PM

(These were taking the day of the “ladder incident”, and I didn’t take more.  These were bad enough.  They got much darker and uglier before they got better.  They are almost gone now.)

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