National Yoga Day

Checking in. I inadvertently celebrated National Yoga Day by going to my first Restorative Yoga class. I have a long way to go to be restored!  

I have apparently managed to twist my sacrum, aka tailbone area. It hurts to stand, hurts to sit, hurts to walk. My chiro flat out told me to go to this class. I’ve been battling this for eight days. Today was the worst pain day yet. This is a very new pain. It makes me tear up and sometimes cry. I don’t cry from pain. I have migraines, I should be able to handle this. Ya, nope. 
I went to class. It wasn’t easy. Many modified moves, a few that I just sorta made a face and did something else entirely. I had a long talk with the teacher before and after class. She said several times that this will take time and healing is a process. 
Back. Ankle. Knee. Head. I’m over it all. I finally smiled and told her that I know this is the first step of a long road to recovery. That pleased her. I guess it’s good to have low expectations sometimes! Oh, and I have drank a lot of water the last few days. Namaste.

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