True Confession #1

I am afraid of the dark.  Not just afraid.  Terrified.  Being in the dark room makes me feel like someone put a pillow over my face and is suffocating me.  Not that anyone has ever done that to me, but how I IMAGINE it would feel.

I can not pull the covers over my head either.  Nope.  Never.  I must always have cool air on my face and be able to see a light.  Because of this, there is always a light on in my house.  Always.  24/7.  I found one of those gazillion hour light bulbs to keep in a lamp that never turns off.  I replace the lamp about once a year because it burns out.  The bulb?  Still going strong year two.

I am a firm believer that this irrational fear is directly linked to the little claustrophobia problem.  Little?  Ha ha!  I have NOT seen some of the greatest sights in the US and Italy because of that one.  I didn’t climb to the top of the Duomo in Florence.  I climbed 21 steps.  Then I froze.  Then three people saw to it I got back down.  The kind people who were working put me in a chair with water and a towel.  I sent my camera up with my friend, waited for the anxiety to clear, and sat outside in the square for two hours.

I had to be physically lifted onto an overnight train from Milan to Paris.  It was a sleeper car, and it was full.  I refused to get on.  I couldn’t.  I couldn’t breath on the platform, I would for sure suffocate in the car!  One bottle of wine later, I was tucked into a bed with a window cracked and light shining from the hallway.

Air, light, and wide open spaces.  Necessities in my life!

So when I needed to come up with a “spooky” theme for an Instagram challenge, I chose the dark.  It was easier visually to show 🙂

What are your irrational fears?



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