Halloween Throwback

I officially feel old. My favorite Peanuts special first aired 50 years ago.  I was eight months old.  I have seen it many times over the years. While not allowed to watch it after my little brother was considered old enough to be done with such things, I am known to still tune in once in a while. I simply love so much about it.


I still love Lucy’s green mask.  I wanted that mask as a kid.  That mask was cool, and scary, and in my little girl’s mind, the perfect Halloween mask.  Whenever I see that mask, I think, I’d love to be that for Halloween someday.

I felt sorry for Charlie Brown and his bag of rocks. Our costumes were always homemade, and one of our costumes could easily have gone astray!  Being punished for wayward scissors…so unfair!  But he persevered and OWNED those rocks and the holes in his costume.

I still get a tear in my eye for the ever patient Linus, waiting…and waiting…falling asleep in the pumpkin patch.  I always wondered why his parents didn’t go look for him?  If I fell asleep in a pumpkin patch, surely the mother would have gone on a quest to find me.  He believed so hard, and he didn’t care what anyone thought.  We all could learn a lot from Linus.

Snoopy and the Red Baron, my favorite part of the story.  I loved Snoopy.  I once, briefly (a tale for another day) had a dog named Snoopy.  I thought Snoopy was the coolest kid of all.  He could do anything from the top of his doghouse. I wanted our dogs to have a doghouse so I could sit on it and fly.  I’m still a little amazed what Snoopy accomplished on top of that doghouse.

While looking for the perfect image for this throwback I stumbled upon a wonderful write up that was first posted in 2012, 10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Great Pumpkin.  I used one of the photos from this article, and give them full credit for it.  It was perfect, and depicted exactly what I had in my mind’s eye.  Click the link above and read the article, it’s pretty cool. Tell me what you learned that you never knew.

What is your favorite Peanuts special?


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