Yearly Doctor Visit

1) Vitamin D practically non-existent. He wants me on 5,000 IU a day. I stopped to buy some and was horrified at the ingredients list! Many had oil!! Olive and safflower were the oils of choice. Why?? I finally found one that was oil free, didn’t have a lot of crap in it, and was vegan. Not an easy feat! He told me that being low is contributing to my overall exhaustion and brain fog issues. And I was blaming the brain injury ha ha!

B) Cholesterol a tad higher than he’d like. It’s actually been higher. The fascinating part? It is right in line with where it’s been for five years…four of which I was plant-based! About 80% oil free to boot. He said that some people simply create cholesterol, and he believes I am one of them. He wants me to start exercising to avoid meds. (I love that he tried to avoid meds!)

3) Thyroid appears to have reversed itself. How do we know? I’ve been off meds for two months and the test was so normal it’s crazy. He was perplexed. Why?? Well, all we can figure at this point is that I’m 50 and my body is changing. I also added meat and fats back into my diet last year. We have no idea if that had any impact, but the Autoummune Protocol calls for both, which suggests their may be a correlation. Fascinating. We will retest in a few months. 

D) Herman is here to stay. That bumps on my head are remnants of a skull fracture. Herman will continue to act up, and the doctor considers me still in recovery. The swelling didn’t subside completely until November. He said that’s normal, and I probably still have a little swelling going on that I just can’t feel. We talked about the issues – brain fog, struggling for words, inability to multi-task – and he had the bear be to suggest some of that is age! I told him to shut up. We laughed. He said I feel Herman when the blood flow increases in my brain. The fracture area is no longer flat, so there is less room for the blood to flow. Facinating. 

5) He wants me to start walking again, slowly, not to overdo it. A few days a week, 15-20 minutes to start. He said not to over-exert myself, and to listen to Herman. 

6) Potassium is at the bottom of the normal scale. Considering I’ve had three scary potassium crashes over the years, I need to eat more mushrooms, broccoli and bananas to bring my potassium up. And drink coconut water. Someone also suggested dates and Brazil nuts. 

7) We discussed autoimmune. The mother’s MS, Rheumatoid, and diabetes. My brother’s diabetes. He said my sugar is good, thank goodness. He said if I had to choose an autoimmune issue, he’s glad I have a wacky thyroid. I agree. 

Apparently I will live another year. Pretty good news really! 

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  1. Glad you have a plan! It’s fantastic that your doctor is trying to avoid cholesterol meds for you! It’s amazing how our bodies change…we need to learn to listen to them and make adjustments! Take the exercise slow and steady-no more ankle injuries please!

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  2. […] I first introduced Herman in Derailed on May 31. I talked about him again a few times, including in Yearly Doctor Visit on January 27, 2017.  Herman is the area of my head that began as a concussion, but I now know is […]


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