Giveaway Winners and October Specials!

Peppermint Lip Oil is officially for sale!  It was fun to kick off the launch with a contest.  A big ole congratulations to the Peppermint Lip Oil Giveaway winners!  Shaindel and Linda will both be receiving a red-hot, just arrived, I haven’t even tried it yet, Peppermint Lip Oil.  The packaging is so pretty!  I do love red…

October is full of pretty autumn leaves and pumpkin everything.  As we settle into all that Fall represents (unless you are in Florida, then it’s just another Summer month,) some of us have a little voice in the back of our head saying “Christmas is almost here!”

Some of us jump for joy.  Some of us shrug it off.  Some of us panic.  So many gifts to buy, so little time!  Willing Beauty is making it a little easier to get ready for the holidays.

Not only is there the limited edition Peppermint Lip Oil, we are offering two opportunities to buy one now and get one for next time…




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