15 Ways to Use BORN TO GLOW Skin Elixir from Willing Beauty


15 ways to use Born to Glow Graphic

My favorite Willing Beauty products is the BORN TO GLOW Skin Elixir.  It is a perfect mix of seven essential oils that, when applied to my skin, work MAGIC!  I kid you not.

I apply it under my eyes, across my forehead, and around and on my lips. Yes, you read that right, ON MY LIPS. It absorbs quickly and leaves a perfectly primed surface for my moisturizer.

I also use it on my elbows and cuticles each morning.  But there are so, SO many other uses, as I discovered when I reached out to my Willing Beauty team and asked them – How do you and your clients use BORN TO GLOW?

  1. Under moisturizer, like I use it each morning.
  2. Mix a couple drops INTO your moisturizer.  This gives a whole different moisturizing experience!
  3. A once a week deep moisturizing treatment for your face and neck.  After cleansing, slather yourself up. OK, don’t really slather, but apply a bit more than you might otherwise and let it soak in.
  4. A few drops smoothed on hair.  I’ve done this to tame my flyaways, and I know several moms who do this with their kidlet’s flyaways!
  5. Apply to cuts or abrasions. I’ve done this, and I can attest that they have healed faster for me!
  6. To soothe a sunburn.I got a little too much sun last fall, and boy was I bunt!  A few drops of the BTG to the offending areas, and by morning? It was feeling much better and had calmed down.  A bit more, and by the next day, the burn-glow was gone!
  7. Eye-makeup remover. Put a few drops on a cotton pad, or rub a few drops gently on your eyelids and lashes.  Let it set a minute or so, then wipe away.
  8. Pre-shaving treatment for men and women. Apply some BTG to the area to be shaved, then shave as normal. Those with sensitive skin have really liked using it this way!
  9. Mosquito and other bug bites. Here in Florida, we have these nasty, invisible bugs that we call Noseeums. They eat my feet and ankles alive every chance they get. I’ve used it and soothed the misery. I’ve also used it on a mystery bug bite, which was NOT going away. Two days of BTG? Nearly gone. (Hopefully, the bug was too!)
  10. Dry, chapped or cracked elbows, heels, feet, and skin. This would be me! My dry skin often ends up like this, and the BTG has worked wonders!
  11. Chapped lips. This winter I got a bad case of chapped lips. It happened overnight, and I blame the dry air created from heaters with the extra dry conditions outside. My lips suddenly began cracking and peeling! Three applications of BTG along with several applications of XO Lip Oil and my lips were back to normal in less than two days.
  12. Cuticle oil for fingers and toes. My fingers and toes LOVE the BTG.  LOVE I say!!
  13. After shaving to soothe skin. I’m lucky, my skin doesn’t care if I shave. I find I’m unusual that way. Others use the BTG after shaving to calm down their angry skin.
  14. A few drops in your favorite hair product. True story, I ran out of my special curl cream one morning. All I had was mousse (drying!) and BTG.  I dropped three drops in the mousse and my hair actually looked good!  It wasn’t perfect, but my curls weren’t dry and it got me through until I could replenish.  Whew!
  15. Soothe a rash. Yup, a lot of moms have used it for baby and kidlet rashes. Adults have used it themselves, myself included.

So there you have it. BORN TO GLOW is not just for your face! Whether you have oily, normal, or combination skin, it is a little powerhouse waiting to help you glow all over. Want to try a sample? Click here and I’ll hook you up!

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