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Summer Means…More Water

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Summer has hit Florida. Not, you know, like August Summer…I’d call this May Summer.  In April. August summer is hell on earth.  May summer is warm enough to be uncomfortable, but nice in the evenings.

I have put away the leggings and taken out the skirts. The fans are dusted and going. My home and wardrobe are switched over to summer mode. My water consumption is increasing.

Water consumption? Yes! The warmer it gets, the more water I drink.  

My grandfather (who I always called Papa) used to drink ice tea in the winter and hot coffee in the summer. He reasoned that the liquids helped maintain his body temperature and keep him from becoming too hot or too cold. I remember telling him that was crazy. It was a blistering hot 110+ day in July, and he had stopped by the house for lunch. He ate his sandwich, drank steaming hot coffee from his thermos, and tried to explain to my why it worked for him. I’m still not sold on that one.

What I can tell you, now that I’m a grown up and all, is that when it’s warmer, I feel more thirsty. My water consumption jumps about a third. A THIRD! And maybe it’s my Papa’s influence on me, or maybe it’s in the genes, but…I don’t drink ice water. I like my water room temperature…even if that room is 90 degrees. I don’t care much for cold drinks or drinks that are overly hot.  Call me Goldilocks, I like the liquid temperature just right. Unless it’s white wine. Wine should always be chilled. And Moscow Mules. And Bloody Marys…

Now, let’s talk about my water habit.  I drink a lot of water.  Still water, sparkling water with no sodium or calories, and herbal tea. I shoot for half my body weight in ounces each day. Yes, I said half. Yes, depending on how things are going in my life, that is often a lot of water.

(Side note: when you drink that much water, you need to pace yourself. If you don’t, you will be up every half hour all night long. Find your cutoff time and stick to it. Trust me. Learn from me. )

During the winter, I hit about 40-60% of that goal. Now that it’s warmer? I’m getting closer. Every day I drink a little bit more. Yes, I count. I have an app that I track it in. I can look at a glass and guess pretty darn close how many ounces it will hold. I have cups and glasses that I drink from daily so I don’t have to guess. Obsessed? No. Accurate!

Water is good for the body. It makes our skin look and feel better. It washes our insides. It gives toxins a way to exit the body. It helps with the poops. Water is a good thing.

Now that the days are longer, I will begin walking again. That means even more water. Water helps maintain your weight, it helps keep you from dehydrating, it’s just plain good for you.

My general rule is, IF I have something with caffeine or alcohol, I drink that much more water to counteract it. OK, I have caffeine once or twice a month. I have alcohol once or twice a week. I always have extra water when I indulge. Which I do. On occasion.

I am working on getting my water consumption back up to par before I begin using my new beauty regimen. Water will only help! Let’s face it, I lack any kind of regimen right now, so ANYTHING will help, right?

Drink your water.  It’s good for you!


A Yummy Lunch!

I can’t help myself.  I love to take pictures of my food.  I love to write about my food.  Perhaps I missed my calling.  Perhaps I should be a food critic!

Today was all about what to do with the organic avocado that looked SOOOO tasty at the market this morning.  I had to have it!  I bought an organic potato to go with it.  My rationale?  An avocado MUST be healthier than butter and sour creme, right?  Then I knew I’d need a little more umph with my lunch, so I grabbed a can of Amy’s Organic Medium Chili.

(Note, I don’t always do organic, but I was at the healthy food market and that’s all they had!)

I cooked the potato in a handmade potato bag in the microwave.  Yes, you can make these, and they steam up a potato really well!  Mine has been used and abused, and is not very pretty, so no photo.

Next I mashed up the avocado with my potato.  Mmmm.  Then I topped it with half a can of chili and heated it up a bit more.  That was my lunch.  That and my water with lemon and I was a happy girl.  (By the way, the avocado was WAY better than butter and sour creme!)

For my birthday, one of my besties gave me a neat gizmo that holds my water.  The lid has two parts – one side is a juicer, and the other a sealing lid!  I grabbed a jug of alkaline water and an organic lemon, and had me some yummy water!   I need to up my water intake, so this will help a lot.

So there you have it.  One simple, tasty, delightful lunch.  Bon appetite!


Shake It Up! Review #2 – Gardenia

It’s shake night again!  I actually have a pile of sample packets I’ve picked up that I need to actually DRINK!  Tonight’s is a product called Gardenia, and it’s labeled as “all-natural vegan protein”.


Why vegan?  The companies tend to put the least crap in many of the vegan options out there.  Plus, I was vegan for five years.  I don’t want whey or cassein in my body.  I’m lactose intolerant, I don’t need the cassein!

So, how does this one pan out?  Really good!  I would absolutely get this one again.  It boasts Pea, Hemp, and Quinoa protein, raw and sprouted whole grain.  I’m good with that.  It’s gluten/dairy/soy/peanut free.  It has some antioxidants via pomegranate, coconut and other things.  The flavor I chose was Chocolate Cacao.

File Feb 09, 8 11 42 PM.jpeg

I put it in my shaker cup, added 12 ounces of cold water and shook.  It shook up and dissolved quickly!  It’s not thick, but it’s tasty.  No aftertaste, no weird smell.  It’s got a bunch of fruit, and I don’t see sugar on the label.  Hmm, that’s a plus!  The only con?  I drank it slowly, and it got thick at the bottom.  So, I added a little more water, shook it up again, and finished it.

Another good one!


Life is a Journey

Sunday musing: 

I like this word. I stumbled upon it this week, and keep returning to it. I am in a state of metanoia. This is a good thing. 

I am a student of Train Your Brain. I am a student of meditation (or at least trying.) I am taking steps to better myself so I can THRIVE this year, rather than react to the world around me. 

Because I love a good baseball analogy, I’m ready to “go to the show!” 

Yearly Doctor Visit

1) Vitamin D practically non-existent. He wants me on 5,000 IU a day. I stopped to buy some and was horrified at the ingredients list! Many had oil!! Olive and safflower were the oils of choice. Why?? I finally found one that was oil free, didn’t have a lot of crap in it, and was vegan. Not an easy feat! He told me that being low is contributing to my overall exhaustion and brain fog issues. And I was blaming the brain injury ha ha!

B) Cholesterol a tad higher than he’d like. It’s actually been higher. The fascinating part? It is right in line with where it’s been for five years…four of which I was plant-based! About 80% oil free to boot. He said that some people simply create cholesterol, and he believes I am one of them. He wants me to start exercising to avoid meds. (I love that he tried to avoid meds!)

3) Thyroid appears to have reversed itself. How do we know? I’ve been off meds for two months and the test was so normal it’s crazy. He was perplexed. Why?? Well, all we can figure at this point is that I’m 50 and my body is changing. I also added meat and fats back into my diet last year. We have no idea if that had any impact, but the Autoummune Protocol calls for both, which suggests their may be a correlation. Fascinating. We will retest in a few months. 

D) Herman is here to stay. That bumps on my head are remnants of a skull fracture. Herman will continue to act up, and the doctor considers me still in recovery. The swelling didn’t subside completely until November. He said that’s normal, and I probably still have a little swelling going on that I just can’t feel. We talked about the issues – brain fog, struggling for words, inability to multi-task – and he had the bear be to suggest some of that is age! I told him to shut up. We laughed. He said I feel Herman when the blood flow increases in my brain. The fracture area is no longer flat, so there is less room for the blood to flow. Facinating. 

5) He wants me to start walking again, slowly, not to overdo it. A few days a week, 15-20 minutes to start. He said not to over-exert myself, and to listen to Herman. 

6) Potassium is at the bottom of the normal scale. Considering I’ve had three scary potassium crashes over the years, I need to eat more mushrooms, broccoli and bananas to bring my potassium up. And drink coconut water. Someone also suggested dates and Brazil nuts. 

7) We discussed autoimmune. The mother’s MS, Rheumatoid, and diabetes. My brother’s diabetes. He said my sugar is good, thank goodness. He said if I had to choose an autoimmune issue, he’s glad I have a wacky thyroid. I agree. 

Apparently I will live another year. Pretty good news really! 

Shake it Up!

I need to drop some poundage.  A year of inactivity has taken a toll on the scale. 

I’ve gotten into the habit of eating a full dinner late, 8:00 or 9:00 (sometimes later) at night. I’ve decided a couple things:

  1. I am often not hungry for a full dinner but eat anyhow. 
  2. I think the full dinner thing is a habit, not a need. 
  3. I gotta break the habit. 

I did a bit of shopping at ye ole healthy food store. I looked at meal replacement shakes. Now, let’s be honest, many of them are full of crap that we do not need in our bodies! Many taste like crap too. What to do?

Experiment and try some on for size. My criteria?

  1. Small ingredients list
  2. No fake sugar
  3. No casein
  4. No whey
  5. No dairy of any kind
  6. Gluten free
  7. Non-GMO

First up, I tried something I’d not seen before. It is called Phood and is a plant-based option. According to their website, it is a shake/supplements in one kind of thing. They boast:

  • 100% Plant-Based from whole food sources
  • No Major Allergens; Dairy, Soy, Gluten, etc
  • No Animal
  • No Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

Phood met my criteria! 

Upon opening the envelope, I was struck by the nasty smell. Uh-oh. I couldn’t tell exactly what the nasty was. I decided to keep going. After all, the front AND back of the envelope fit all my criteria. (And we all know never to trust the front of a package!)

I added it to my new shaker cup of water. I shook…

  1. It shook well!
  2. It had a nice shake like quality and constancy. 
  3. It was not gritty. 

I braced myself…I tasted it..and was pleasantly surprised. I LIKED IT! 

I drank it at 6:30. I was comfortably full the rest of the evening. At about 10:30 I wished I had a cookie, but I think that’s because I was looking at pictures of cookies. 

Phood is on my list of shakes to try again!  I wonder how the chocolate tastes? They have a chocolate caramel flavor…

More about Phood can be found by clicking here

(I am not associated with Phood, not do I receive any compensation for this review.)