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Summer Means…More Water

File Apr 09, 3 24 27 AM

Summer has hit Florida. Not, you know, like August Summer…I’d call this May Summer.  In April. August summer is hell on earth.  May summer is warm enough to be uncomfortable, but nice in the evenings.

I have put away the leggings and taken out the skirts. The fans are dusted and going. My home and wardrobe are switched over to summer mode. My water consumption is increasing.

Water consumption? Yes! The warmer it gets, the more water I drink.  

My grandfather (who I always called Papa) used to drink ice tea in the winter and hot coffee in the summer. He reasoned that the liquids helped maintain his body temperature and keep him from becoming too hot or too cold. I remember telling him that was crazy. It was a blistering hot 110+ day in July, and he had stopped by the house for lunch. He ate his sandwich, drank steaming hot coffee from his thermos, and tried to explain to my why it worked for him. I’m still not sold on that one.

What I can tell you, now that I’m a grown up and all, is that when it’s warmer, I feel more thirsty. My water consumption jumps about a third. A THIRD! And maybe it’s my Papa’s influence on me, or maybe it’s in the genes, but…I don’t drink ice water. I like my water room temperature…even if that room is 90 degrees. I don’t care much for cold drinks or drinks that are overly hot.  Call me Goldilocks, I like the liquid temperature just right. Unless it’s white wine. Wine should always be chilled. And Moscow Mules. And Bloody Marys…

Now, let’s talk about my water habit.  I drink a lot of water.  Still water, sparkling water with no sodium or calories, and herbal tea. I shoot for half my body weight in ounces each day. Yes, I said half. Yes, depending on how things are going in my life, that is often a lot of water.

(Side note: when you drink that much water, you need to pace yourself. If you don’t, you will be up every half hour all night long. Find your cutoff time and stick to it. Trust me. Learn from me. )

During the winter, I hit about 40-60% of that goal. Now that it’s warmer? I’m getting closer. Every day I drink a little bit more. Yes, I count. I have an app that I track it in. I can look at a glass and guess pretty darn close how many ounces it will hold. I have cups and glasses that I drink from daily so I don’t have to guess. Obsessed? No. Accurate!

Water is good for the body. It makes our skin look and feel better. It washes our insides. It gives toxins a way to exit the body. It helps with the poops. Water is a good thing.

Now that the days are longer, I will begin walking again. That means even more water. Water helps maintain your weight, it helps keep you from dehydrating, it’s just plain good for you.

My general rule is, IF I have something with caffeine or alcohol, I drink that much more water to counteract it. OK, I have caffeine once or twice a month. I have alcohol once or twice a week. I always have extra water when I indulge. Which I do. On occasion.

I am working on getting my water consumption back up to par before I begin using my new beauty regimen. Water will only help! Let’s face it, I lack any kind of regimen right now, so ANYTHING will help, right?

Drink your water.  It’s good for you!


Happy Mail

File Apr 10, 4 12 29 PM

2,000 new Beauty Advisors are being processed today (I’m number 2,086 when last I saw the number.) I should be processed in the next few weeks, and rumor has it my kit will ship today or tomorrow.

Having stalked my bank account all morning, watched a movie, and partook in some quality time with the kitties, I decided I should leave the house and find something worthwhile to do.  Like get a cup of tea, put gas in the car, pay a couple bills, write a blog post…When I got outside, something caught my eye.  My mailbox was exploding with Happy Mail.

What is Happy Mail?  Mail that makes you happy, of course!  Today’s mail brought me a skirt I bought from a direct sales gal I know (it’s blue, and it’s fabulous,) new business cards, nail wraps, and a lovely gift from a fabulous friend.  I couldn’t wait, I had to open it all IN MY CAR!  I found the overflowing mailbox when I was leaving the house, so that kinda made sense.

All these envelopes of happiness made me smile really big, and it really did brighten my day. You could say, it made me happy!

Who doesn’t like new, shiny things that make them happy?


Willing to Take a Big Ole Leap

Several weeks ago my friend Windy sent me a message. She told me about a new direct sales business opportunity that I was really intrigued by. I politely told her that financially I couldn’t go there at that time, and that was that. Except it wasn’t.

I looked at the information…several times. A ground floor opportunity. The chance to be in the first group of consultants. The opportunity to build a team in a huge way. I ran the numbers. I just couldn’t do it.

I put it out of my mind, but it kept coming back. I ignored the posts I saw from people signing up and talking about it…kinda. I googled the company every couple of days. Ran the numbers. Got frustrated. Over. And over. And over.

A few weeks later I had the chance to hear more. We were at lunch, and Windy was telling us the reasons why she joined. I don’t remember everything she said because my mind latched on to three points:

  • Better-For-You Skin Care
  • You don’t carry inventory
  • No parties

I left lunch determined to make the numbers worked. I didn’t mention it to anyone, as I didn’t know if id be able to pull it off. I mean, I didn’t want to disappoint anyone!

Sunday morning I reached out to my friend Windy and asked some questions. Then I signed up to be a Beauty Consultant in waiting with Willing Beauty. I don’t think Windy saw that one coming.

Financially, it’s a stretch to cover the kit. That’s ok. It’s an investment. I can make it work.  Once I got that part out of the way, it became a no brainer.

First, the product…they represent the things that are important to me. I work at limiting the “crap” that goes in and on my body. Willing Beauty is:

  • Better-for-you
  • Clean
  • Free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, DEA, phthalates chemical sunscreens & synthetic fragrances
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Skin-friendly ingredients
  • Never tested on animals

Second, the opportunity…

  • Ground floor
  • Very few consultants
  • Amazing earning potential
  • Fantastic team building potential
  • Be part of an amazing team
  • A rare opportunity!

Third, the team I signed on with…I honestly consider them the dream team. Incredible women who have years and years of combined direct sales background, running their businesses in a very non-spammy, ethical way. I admire these gals in a huge way. It’s a little strange to be a pet of that!

See? No brainer. I’ve taken a chance. A big ole leap of faith. I’m feeling good about it.

Would you like to know more? Visit the Willing Beautyu website. Let me know if I can answer any questions.

– Penny, Beauty Consultant in Waiting, Pre-Launch ID 70964 (how cool is that??)