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Yearly Doctor Visit

1) Vitamin D practically non-existent. He wants me on 5,000 IU a day. I stopped to buy some and was horrified at the ingredients list! Many had oil!! Olive and safflower were the oils of choice. Why?? I finally found one that was oil free, didn’t have a lot of crap in it, and was vegan. Not an easy feat! He told me that being low is contributing to my overall exhaustion and brain fog issues. And I was blaming the brain injury ha ha!

B) Cholesterol a tad higher than he’d like. It’s actually been higher. The fascinating part? It is right in line with where it’s been for five years…four of which I was plant-based! About 80% oil free to boot. He said that some people simply create cholesterol, and he believes I am one of them. He wants me to start exercising to avoid meds. (I love that he tried to avoid meds!)

3) Thyroid appears to have reversed itself. How do we know? I’ve been off meds for two months and the test was so normal it’s crazy. He was perplexed. Why?? Well, all we can figure at this point is that I’m 50 and my body is changing. I also added meat and fats back into my diet last year. We have no idea if that had any impact, but the Autoummune Protocol calls for both, which suggests their may be a correlation. Fascinating. We will retest in a few months. 

D) Herman is here to stay. That bumps on my head are remnants of a skull fracture. Herman will continue to act up, and the doctor considers me still in recovery. The swelling didn’t subside completely until November. He said that’s normal, and I probably still have a little swelling going on that I just can’t feel. We talked about the issues – brain fog, struggling for words, inability to multi-task – and he had the bear be to suggest some of that is age! I told him to shut up. We laughed. He said I feel Herman when the blood flow increases in my brain. The fracture area is no longer flat, so there is less room for the blood to flow. Facinating. 

5) He wants me to start walking again, slowly, not to overdo it. A few days a week, 15-20 minutes to start. He said not to over-exert myself, and to listen to Herman. 

6) Potassium is at the bottom of the normal scale. Considering I’ve had three scary potassium crashes over the years, I need to eat more mushrooms, broccoli and bananas to bring my potassium up. And drink coconut water. Someone also suggested dates and Brazil nuts. 

7) We discussed autoimmune. The mother’s MS, Rheumatoid, and diabetes. My brother’s diabetes. He said my sugar is good, thank goodness. He said if I had to choose an autoimmune issue, he’s glad I have a wacky thyroid. I agree. 

Apparently I will live another year. Pretty good news really! 



When last we met, I was recovering from a fall from a ladder.  A few…developments, yes, we shall call them developments, have taken place since them…

  1. I joined a Direct Sales company.  If anyone had told me a year ago I would be in Direct Sales, I would have laughed at them.  What can I say?  Everything clicked.
  2. I turned 50, with zero fanfare. In fact, I had the flu and was pretty darn miserable.  Every plan I had was cancelled due to the ankle and head situation.  Then I got sick.  I will celebrate next year!
  3. I discovered I was mis-diagnosed, and had a pretty significant concussion.  Significant.  Concussion.  My doc was pretty horrified.
  4. My mother died. It’s ok. She’s in a much better place and is happy and at peace for the first time in years.
  5. I was forced to slow down and reassess my entire life – how I live, what I do,  my daily activities, what is important, what is not – there has been a big shift.

Let’s start with the head injury.  It’s been four months and twenty days.  I still have a lump  and swelling on my head.  I can no longer multi-task.  I am unable to lift anything more than about seven pounds without “feeling it”.  I forget my words from time time to time.  I tired easily.  Headaches are more frequent.  I become extremely anxious when I see anyone on a ladder.  I am now terrified of ladders.  Stressful situation trigger issues.  I have been forced to slow down, as I can not manage well with a lot of physical or mental exertion.  I mean WAY down.  Life is different.  It has shifted.

I am beginning to see small improvements.  They can not happen fast enough for me.  I’m told it could be a year before I’m “normal” again.  Normal.  What is that?  Do I really want to be who I was before the ladder incident?  Hmmmm.  I kind of like new me.

I named my concussion Herman.  I visualize him as one of those green gremlins that got wet and was fed after midnight.  Herman and I are co-existing.  Some days he takes the lead, some days I take the lead.  Some days he’s quite obnoxious.  I work hard to not aggravate Herman.

The ankle is healed and unsteady.  It gets sore easily.  I’ve not walked since I fell because I’ve not been up to the exertion.  I plan to start soon, as I need to do one more thing to move forward.

My mother died after many years of ups and downs with her physical and mental health.  I was unable to fly, and could not go out when it all came down.  While I would have liked to be there to support my brother, Herman saw to it that I kept my feet on the ground.  She is now at peace.

Life is different.  Everything has changed.  I have modified so many things in my life and how I live it, I look back in amazement.  I have a good attitude.  I do NOT let it get me down.  I get frustrated with it sometimes, but I will win in the end. Slow and steady wins the race.

That’s the recap of the last few months.  Taking life one safe step at a time.  Managing Herman.  Embracing the new shifts.  Living each day with intention rather than just living.  Life is a gift.

Lessons learned?

Cats will find their own way down.  Do not climb a ladder to save one.

If you are moving too fast, you will fall down stairs and off of ladders.  Slow down.  Look around.  Smell the roses.

Some people want to live and fight hard to do so.  Some don’t.  You can not force someone to live who no longer wants to.

Direct Sales is actually a pretty good gig.  Don’t believe everything you hear.

Meditation helps calm me and prepare me for what the day has in store.

Not everyone gets a second chance like I did.  I am eternally grateful and don’t want to waste a minute.