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Dusk.  That special time of day when the sun is not up and not down.  When the sky and the horizon are almost the same color.  When it’s darn hard to see when you have a double astigmatism 😀

Last week Hurricane Matthew visited the east coast of Florida before taking a toll in Georgia, South Caroline, and North Caroline.  This photo was taken that Thursday evening, when we had some clouds and a bit of rain and wind on the west coast of Florida. 

It was dusk, it has been raining, and through the pink clouds there was a rainbow.  Since I can not pass up a good cloud or rainbow photo, especially at dusk or sunset, I snapped a pic.

Thank you Hurricane Matthew for not bringing harm to any of my friends.  I know a few people in the Carolinas who will be dealing with loss of power and flooding for a while, but homes, pets and persons are safe.